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Haddon Library

Get research support from the Haddon Library

Whether you are just starting out on your research or working in a full-time research role the Haddon Library team are here to help.

George Cronin is our Librarian and looks after research support for the Departments of Archaeology and Social Anthropology, and also advises the Department of Sociology and colleagues across the wider School of Humanities and Social Sciences.

They've also been doing research support for over a decade so has loads of knowledge ranging from finding good literature to back up your research through to sharing your research data and findings once you've written everything up and are wanting to share it with the wider world.

To help you get started with unpicking whatever research questions you may have, George has a regular bookable office hour on Thursday mornings (starting in May 2024) where you can chat to them about whatever you're working on. If Thursdays don't work, or they're already booked up, just send the Haddon Library team an email and we'll book you in for a different time.