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Haddon Library

Photo of a small pile of books


You need a current UL or Cambridge University card to borrow books from the Haddon Library. Library staff may issue a temporary card if a UL or Cambridge University card is not available.

You may borrow books for the following time periods:

  Undergraduate Students Graduate Students Staff
Open Shelf 10 books for 1 week 20 books for 2 weeks 20 books for 4 weeks
Restricted Access 6 books overnight (till close of business on day following loan) 8 books overnight (till close of business on day following loan) 10 books for a week

Please note that for students, borrowing periods are rolling, meaning that they will automatically renew on the system for you until you graduate. If, however, you receive an email stating that the books you have on loan have been requested by another user, then you must return the texts by the date given in the message. If you need longer than the allotted time period, please get in touch with us.

Numbers of books borrowable in term-time by visitors are half of the above entitlements.

Numbers of books borrowable in vacation-time are as above, but the loan period for open-shelf material is the length of the vacation.


Fines are charged for late return of items on loan, though in practice, because of rolling renewals for students, most students will not incur high fines. The rate is 50p/day, to a ceiling of £10 per item. 

Readers who lose or damage Library books will be required to pay the cost of replacing them, as ascertained by Library staff, plus a processing fee of £5.

Fines may be paid via iDiscover, the Cambridge libraries catalogue by logging into your library account.

Special categories of material

Restricted Access. This term refers to the heavily-used material behind the issue desk. You may borrow them at any time..

Reference. This category of material has yellow labels. You may borrow it on the same terms as material on Restricted Access.

Periodicals. You may only use periodicals in the library.

Pamphlets. These are kept in locked filing cabinets, and may be fetched on request. You may only use pamphlets in the library.

Locked areas. This term covers the following parts of the Library:

  • East and West Balconies
  • Locked Rooms
  • Rare Books Room
  • Mezzanine Corridor
  • Mezzanine Office
  • CAS Room

We are happy to fetch materials from these areas for you, as only library staff may enter these areas for safety and security reasons. You are free to use these materials in the library only (i.e., you may not borrow them).

You may consult dissertations and theses in the library. Loans of the other special categories of material may be made to members of Cambridge University staff, and will, unless conservation matters render this inadvisable, be on the following terms:

  • The borrower may remove the issued item from the Library at any time.
  • The borrower should return the issued item to the Library within one calendar week.

Loans of these special categories of material may be made to the Museum, in connection with exhibitions.


Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash