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Haddon Library

Photo of the interior of the Haddon Library

Welcome to the Haddon Library! We are pleased to offer you spaces to study and collections for your courses and research.

Who can use the Haddon Library?

All members of the Cambridge University community (students and staff), along with members of the Cambridge Antiquarian Society, are welcome to use the Haddon Library's spaces and collections. Our collections, services and classes focus on Anthropology, Archaeology and the HSPS Tripos, but all members of the university and CAS are welcome to borrow books and work in the library.

Where are the Sociology books?

The Haddon Library houses books about Anthropology and Archaeology. The Seeley Library on the Sidgwick Site houses Sociology books. The Seeley Library website provides further information about the Sociology books and how to access scanned Sociology material on Moodle.

How old is the Haddon Library?

The Haddon Library is over 100 years old and was founded with a generous bequest from the Cambridge Antiquarian Society. You can learn more about the library's history by accessing